Top hoodie brands


Hoodies are equally loved by men and women, as they are very comfortable, made of quality materials, and they also keep you warm. Hoodies are usually worn on the street or when doing casual activities like walking or jogging, but there are some stylish hoodies out there that you can wear on any occasion. Today there are many brands that are making elegant as well as luxurious type of hoodies, so anyone can find something according their personal preferences. The following are some top hoodie brands today. Make sure you check them out and get one you think it will look best on you.

  • Aviator Nation 5 Stripe Hoodie is a branded unisex hoodie that can be worn on any occasion. It comes in many stylish designs and patterns and it has been inspired by the decade of 70s of the past century. No matter whether you are going to the beach, out in the town or somewhere else – this hood looks really good.
  • Champion is a well known brand for making hoodies and sports gear. This American brand is highly valued all over the world and its hoodies are made with some of the best materials you can find. They offer many colorful sports hoodies for men and women, but also have hoodies for more formal occasions.
  • H&M Sleeveless Hooded Sweatshirts are very popular today and rightfully take their place as one of the top brands for hoodies. These hooded sweatshirts are ideal for working out and exercising, so if that is your thing then you will not find a better brand that makes sleeveless hooded Sweatshirts than H&M.
  • Ovadia & Sons are New York designers that make really nice hoodies, with interesting and attractive patterns and colors. Their hoodies come with trendy prints and some nice features that many people love. City slickers would love their hoodies as they are stylish and keep you warm all the time.
  • Publish vs. Prince Ace Face Hoodie comes as a result of the collaboration between the street-style clothing brand Publish and the tennis brand Prince. This hoodie is perfect for all those that value the reputation of these two brands, so you will not make a mistake if you choose this or any other hoodie that is made by these brands.

The mentioned were the top hoodie brands at the moment along with the popular hoodies they are currently making. There are many other brands out there as well and new great hoodies are hitting the market every day. Make sure you explore the wide collections these brands have and then choose something that will match your overall style. Hoodies are not just for men today, but you will also find elegant hoodies designed specifically for women. Take your time to check and compare different hoodies before getting the best one for you. Branded hoodies are usually more expensive the regular hoodies, but investment is worth it because they are made of durable materials and provide great comfort.

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